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Our Primary Concern Is Your Health

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We are dedicated to the education and support of individuals in methods of self-care, empowering them to build optimum health through lifestyle modifications. These modifications may include practices such as body detoxification, proper nutrition, rest, exercise, encouraging positive mental attitudes, stress reduction techniques, and other physical and psychological approaches that may be affecting overall health.

We provides nutritional counseling, colon hydrotherapy, lymphatic drainage, FIR sauna, and other natural therapies. We are committed to providing quality services that assist in creating optimum conditions of health manifesting in increased energy and inner clarity.

:: Lymph Drainage :: Ann Gallant

Lymph Drainage is offered as an additional therapeutic tool.

The goal of Lymph Drainage is to get lymphatic fluid flowing optimally.

Lymph Drainage is a safe and effective tool for detoxification of a sluggish lymphatic system.

Ann GallantAnn Gallant is your guide to natural healing modalities.  She has more than 25  years of experience as a colon therapist.

If you have any questions about the therapies we utilize, call
Renew Services for Well Being at (360) 977-6200.