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Colon Irrigation Session Description by Ann Gallant

A wall mounted instrument designed for the purpose of cleansing the colon is used. The device has a lighted viewing tube, so we are able to see what your colon is releasing. We can see color, consistency & quantity of the stool, gas, fermentation, undigested food and mucus.

With the instrument, we use a disposable tubing & speculum kit, used only once, so there is no danger of contamination from another person. I usually use a child size kit, except for very large adults, because it is shorter and smaller in diameter and therefore more comfortable. You will actually do the insertion yourself, with my instruction and guidance. This is more comfortable for you since you are able to feel which direction to guide the speculum. After insertion is complete, I attach two tubes to the speculum, a small one which brings the fresh water in and a much larger one that carries the waste away. For the most part, the waste tube is large enough to carry the waste away, while you remain comfortably on the table. Occasionally, there may be something too large or just too much at once to pass easily through the tubing. We will have a pretty good idea if that is happening and can always remove the speculum and let you get up and empty out in the bathroom. It really doesn�t matter if it comes out through the instrument or in the bathroom as long as it does come out.

During the session, I massage the abdomen directly as well as some reflex points that will help trigger release from the colon. I will go over some life style factors that will improve general body function and colon function in particular. You will go home with a handout for reference.

During the course of the session, we repeatedly full and empty the colon at your comfort level You are in charge of how much we put in each time � just to the point that you would normally be heading for the bathroom under normal circumstances. It is not a torture session nor is it an endurance test. It is my goal to make the process as easy and comfortable for you as possible.

If you are interested in combining colon irrigation with an whole body cleanse to maximize results, it would be helpful to begin an oral program a few days to a week before your first colonic. Cleanse kits are available here.

It is usually suggested if you haven�t done regular cleansing before, that you consider doing a series at weekly intervals, designed to keep the momentum going.  I don�t think there is any magic number. It is very individual how many is ideal. If your energy level is good and you have few, if any symptoms, then you would need less. If you have had a lot of symptoms for a long time, of course the number will be higher. Watch your energy level carefully, as that will give us an idea of where you are in the process and when we�ve done enough for now, before moving on to maintenance.