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My Story

My name is Ann Gallant.  I am the founder & owner of Renew Services for Well-Being

We are going to talk about how detoxification is a natural process. & then we�ll discuss ways you can enhance your body�s ability to cleanse .

Let me briefly share my story with you.

I experienced a major health crisis in my early thirties. At that time, I was an x-ray technician, so I was oriented to conventional medicine.

After having a number of lab tests, I was told everything was normal, that all of my tests were negative. However, I had a number of troubling symptoms and severe problems w/lack of energy.

I then started searching & experimenting. I tried a number of therapies, supplements & diets. Nothing much changed until I focused on detoxification. Then, very quickly, it was evident that I was on the right track. My philosophy about health & illness underwent a radical shift.

Eventually I changed careers to reflect my changed perspective.

Approximately 80% of my clients who have regular treatments report having more energy and almost all say they feel lighter & more relaxed, with an increased sense of well-being.

In our world of high stress, unhealthy diets, pollution & sedentary lifestyles, detoxification is the counterbalance that helps move us back toward vibrant wellness. Detoxification is a natural process that the body cycles thru daily, as well as seasonally. Techniques that you can learn and that I provide can greatly assist your body with this process.

There are 7 channels of detoxification:

Colon              Lymphatic System
Liver                Lungs
Blood               Skin

During your colon hydrotherapy session, I will share information about some techniques you can use that will help improve your body's cleansing ability.

My experience more than thirty years ago changed my life. I have much more energy and am able to do things now that I could not imagine doing in my 20s.

We can, by large measure, greatly improve & enhance the way we feel & function. We only have this one body. Please consider taking one or more steps to assist it with its important work of detoxification and renew yourself.

Thanks for your interest!